Some people come to the mountains to take part in sporting activities in summer, winter or even the off-season: some (possibly the same people) come to find pure mountain air, rest and tranquillity, which also aid our relaxation and fitness, benefitting our physical and mental health.

Where better than our valley to get rid of the stresses that accumulate over the months, where better to recharge your batteries? But how can you get away from the beaten track to find a sense of tranquillity?

In summer, for example, you will find tranquillity in the Vallon du Saut, watching the Doron river descending from our Gébroulaz glacier, or, on the banks of the Lac des Fées, below the majestic Aiguille du Fruit, where you may glimpse of a pair of eagles nesting in a cliff hidden at the foot of le Mont-Vallon.

In winter, you will find it during a silent rest on a cross-country ski trail in the Altiport or Fontany forest in a tunnel of spruce trees whose branches are weighed down with immaculate snow.

Or perhaps, in winter or summer, while walking through the protected Plan de Tuéda where the largest Arolla forest in France thrives. Here, more than thirty years ago, France’s 100th Nature Reserve was established with the support of our town council.

You need not go far: from the summit of our west-facing ridges or la Saulire or Col de la Loze, before your final run at the end of the day, it is impossible not feel tranquil while contemplating the Mont Blanc, the highest summit in Europe, standing proudly in the distance to the north-east, its snow tinged pink in the setting sun?  

Our immense valley abounds with places where the view alone fills your heart with tranquillity!  


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