Winter or summer holidays in the mountains are usually enjoyed with a group of friends or family (or, as we say nowadays, your "tribe").

In the past, this generally began when young children went on classes de neige, when their school class decamped to the mountains for a memorable week or more. These ‘ski classes’ greatly contributed to the growing popularity of skiing and mountain holidays in France.

School and university sports clubs then began to develop, bringing young people from the city to enjoy the health benefits of the mountain air.

Since then, for most of us, holidays in the mountains are almost always shared with others.

A pleasure shared is a pleasure magnified, and what could be better than sharing a beautiful ski descent together, or making turns in powder, a walk on touring skis, a cross-country ski trail, a friendly competition in one of our resort’s fun snowparks, a walk in the forest or a picnic at altitude? 

In summer too, a gentle walk along our footpaths, a tough trail run or a bike or MTB ride (with or without electric motor, according to preference) are all more enjoyable with company, especially when these activities lead to a spectacular view to share together.

The joy felt by small children playing in the snow or learning to sledge or ski is matched only by the pleasure felt by their parents and grandparents watching on fondly.

And of course, the end of the day is spent together, at home, or in a hotel, restaurant or refuge, sharing a hearty meal to replenish all the calories used that day!

Finally, those with the most energy may party together late into the night in a club.


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