For many years, Méribel has called itself the ‘Heart of the 3 Valleys’. While this statement emphasises its geographical position, the meaning of the slogan encompasses more than this simple geographical fact.

The heart represents the passion and solidarity with which the people of the valley have developed their resort over more than eight decades. It also illustrates the feelings of the first French and British developers when they discovered the beauty of the valley and the possibilities offered by its slopes for the exciting new adventure of winter sports.

It also symbolises the lifelong love Peter Lindsay felt for this valley when he took over the reins of developing his ideal resort. The resort’s architects have always put their hearts into their work, so as to respect the beauty of the mountains and harmoniously integrate their buildings into them.

Let us not forget the heart symbolises the love generations of visitors have demonstrated for our valley by their constant loyalty. It is no accident that the heart is used in Méribel’s marketing as well as on its slopes, such as in the heart-shaped wooden shelters provided near the pistes for skiers who want to take a little rest.

In Brides-les-Bains, looking after the health and well-being of our visitors who come to take the waters is at the heart of what we do.  This spa resort was whole-heartedly determined to link up with Méribel and be part of the great adventure of the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Since that time, the Olympe cable car has continuously maintained this link. Thirty years later, these new cabins improve the comfort and speed of your journey to the very heart of les 3 Vallées!


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