Elegance may be found in movement. It can be seen in a perfectly orchestrated golf swing or a dynamic and committed ski turn on a steep slope. But elegance can also be found in a place, an environment, a valley.

The beauty of such a place struck the heart of Scottish skier Peter Lindsay when he first visited our valley in 1937.

From then on, he devoted his entire life to bringing his touch of British elegance to the area by developing a gem of a new resort, one that would compete with the existing Swiss or Austrian resorts, but one without any arrogance.

He and his architect Christian Durupt (who would later become Méribel’s "guardian of the temple") had the elegant vision of creating a chalet construction code that respected the local architectural style. This did not exist by chance but was the result of centuries of adaptation to the rigours of the climate and the materials locally available.

The resort elegantly nestles in the heart of a harmoniously shaped valley, oriented with Brides-les-Bains to the North and the Monts du Borgne and La Chambre to the South, on the borders of what is now the resort of Val Thorens. This allows you to choose your slope orientation and ski in the sun all day long (weather permitting!)

Elegance has always been found in the clientele who frequent our slopes, from the well-to-do sportsmen of the early days from Britain, Paris, Lyon and Grenoble, to the international clientele of today, who are more varied. Even the most famous or wealthy visitors know how to blend in with an elegant discretion, thus unconsciously respecting the original will of our resort’s founders.


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