Holidays in the mountains are all about feeling healthy and enjoying sport, beautiful scenery and conviviality: it’s an unbeatable blend of physical benefits and sensory stimulation!

But what would all this be without a few celebrations? In our valley, as in les 3 Vallées, celebrations are held all year round! 

Traditional festivities include the "Fête à Fanfoué" village fete, held on the first Sunday in August, when local heritage is celebrated throughout the day by thousands of visitors, or the Christmas festivities when Father Christmas makes an appearance in the streets of the resort, lit with a thousand fairy lights, or six days after our New Year when our Russian visitors celebrate Orthodox Christmas with fireworks that illuminate the peaks followed by an open-air disco at la Chaudanne, or the festival celebrating our alpine pastures, or the sports festival, skating festival, ski-club festival, aerial festival, musical festivals and youth festivals...

There is something for every taste and every occasion in every season, almost every day or night! There are plenty of reasons to celebrate: the 30th anniversary of the Winter Olympics, the 80th, 90th, and soon the 100th birthday of the resort.

Of course, you don’t need a pretext: every day, La Folie Douce, the unmissable party venue on the famous Burgin slopes, proves this with its daily music shows.

What is more, thanks to the links that have existed since 1945 between the French Air Force and the Allues valley, you can sometimes, in winter or in summer, have the delightful surprise of watching the famous French aerobatic team, la Patrouille de France, enhance a celebration with their red, white and blue manoeuvres, skimming over the summits in our valley’s skies...


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